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Capital Markets Team

The members of our Capital Markets Team are experienced financial experts and investment bankers who have accumulated years of ‘hands-on’ expertise with smaller Canadian corporations.

Our primary activity is facilitating secondary and alternative capital funding on behalf of our clients. We work with our funding partners in providing the optimum terms and conditions to satisfy your capital needs. In certain situations, our clients may require a combination of debt and equity through a Private Placement Offering.

Our Capital Markets Team have long established working relationships with registered securities dealers who serve smaller corporations through various capital markets in Canada, the US, and the UK. We also assist client companies prepare for, structure, and undertake;

➢ Initial Public Offerings
➢ Reverse Take Overs
➢ Private Placement Offerings
➢ Syndications; and
➢ Securitizations

Our detailed Due Diligence Reports and comprehensive Financing Request & Information Packages allow select registered securities dealers to quickly determine if they want to agent the Private Placement opportunity.

We can also select and recommend Selling Agents from a network of Canadian securities dealers who either are registered as Limited Market Dealers or are full service IIROC member firms.

We introduce Private Placement offerings to specific securities dealers based on their areas of expertise, and industry sectors in which they have successfully closed Private Placements in the past.