Asset Based Financing
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Asset Based Financing

PHOENIX ASSET FINANCE INC. is an Asset Based Lender providing Asset Based Loans and Credit Guarantees for its client companies. The mandatory criteria required to approve these Loans and Credit Guarantees is based on the ability of the Borrower to provide a minimum collateral security value of "hard assets" in excess of 125% of the amount of the loan or credit using “to be acquired” and “existing” assets. Repayment will come from the completion of a confirmed liquidity event, such as a pending contract payment, asset sale, or refinancing from a third party investor/ lender. The liquidity event must provide sufficient net proceeds to allow the Borrower to repay the Loan or Credit Guarantee in full within the term of the loan commitment.

As an alternative lender, and not a bank nor funded like or regulated as a bank we can offer higher lending limits on acceptable collateral such as;

• Real estate
• Machinery
• Equipment
• Accounts receivable
• Inventory
• Marketable securities/mortgages/loans/leases
• such other security as shall be approved by the credit committee

Bridge Loan Program

Our Bridge Loan Program will provide fully collateralized short-term loans to fund the temporary financing needs of qualified companies. These loans are offered for periods of up to one year. This Program provides creative funding solutions for smaller corporations in amounts ranging from $150 Thousand to $5 Million per transaction.

Trade Credit Facility Program

Our Trade Credit Facility Program is designed to provide temporary loans or trade credit to businesses who require working capital to fulfill large or new customer orders. This Program provides funding solutions ranging from $150 Thousand to $1 Million per transaction. These short-term loans are normally secured through an assignment of accounts receivable and inventory.

Demand Loan Program

Our Demand Loan Program provides working capital to companies in the process of obtaining financing from third party institutions or through Private Placements being undertaken by registered securities dealers in Canada. This Program provides short-term funding in amounts ranging from $150 Thousand to $1.5 Million per transaction based on an acceptable written funding guarantee by the third party institution or the registered securities dealer.