Asset Based Financing
Advisory Services

Advisory & Transaction Management

Transaction Management Services

✓ Mergers & Acquisitions
✓ Divestitures
✓ Succession Planning and Shareholder Exit Funding
✓ Project Finance
✓ Refinancing
✓ Debt Consolidations
✓ Workouts & Turnarounds
✓ Restructuring Proposals
✓ Settlement Proposals

Advisory Services

✓ Valuations
✓ Liability Resolution
✓ Transaction Taxation Reviews

Many large successful companies rely on a team of experts to guide them through their corporate finance transactions. We offer the same level of expertise to smaller Canadian corporations, ensuring professional advice, confidentiality and the appropriate level of third party due diligence.

Our experienced team of corporate finance, investment banking, technical and accounting professionals work hands-on as required with each client to develop customized solutions designed to achieve their objectives.

Phoenix Corporate Finance Inc is comprised of financing specialists who integrate our services with your existing professional, legal and accounting advisors. Our Corporate Finance Team is dedicated to advising both publicly-traded and privately-held companies on a wide spectrum of complex transactions, supporting them through their growth, development and maturity phases.

Our Corporate Finance Team provides expert advice and transaction support for business owners and their executives looking to maximize shareholder value through acquisitions, divestitures, private equity financing and related services. Our advice takes many forms: from analyzing strategic options, to assessing value, structuring the deal, presenting the deal to the marketplace, managing the transaction process, and negotiating and securing favourable terms for a successful closing.

Upon engagement and after the appropriate amount of due diligence, we will prepare and submit to our Client one or more of the following written submissions:

• Due Diligence Reviews
• Market Valuation Reports
• Financing Letter & Term Sheet:

Our Advisory & Transaction Management Fees are highly competitive and customized based upon the estimated time required to successfully structure and complete each proposed financing. We are a shareholder-managed company and do not require the large hourly rates charged by national consulting firms.

Based on our initial Financing Assessment, our Advisory Fees will include one of, or a combination of; an hourly fee, a fixed fee and / or a contingency fee based upon the successful completion of the mandate. This allows our clients to select the areas of expertise they require, and allows them to more effectively manage the costs of the engagement. The scope of the engagement and pricing structure are mutually agreed upon prior to accepting the engagement.