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One of the most frustrating and time consuming activities to be undertaken by the managers of smaller corporations is raising capital – whether they are seeking to capture an acquisition opportunity, refinance existing debt, or access additional debt or equity to fund growth opportunities.

Generally, smaller corporations and emerging growth companies cannot satisfy all of their financing needs from conventional Canadian financial institutions such as banks.

With ever-changing capital market conditions, it is imperative that companies who are considering a major corporate or capital initiative have access to the most current financing alternatives to make informed decisions.

Phoenix Corporate Finance Inc. provides advisory and facilitation services to companies in all business stages from financially challenged to progressive growth companies across all industry sectors. We recognize the unique financing challenges smaller corporations experience when seeking;

➢ additional financing
➢ refinancing/consolidating existing debt
➢ merger & acquisition financing
➢ funding Restructuring Proposals to lenders and creditors
➢ management buyouts
➢ shareholder buyouts (Shotgun Clauses)
➢ succession plans - transferring the business from one generation to the next
➢ expansion funding to increase sales/production capacity
➢ recapitalization - shareholder or entrepreneur wishing to take money out of the business to reduce risk or diversify assets

We 'partner' with management teams of companies who are focused on improving their financial position or seeking growth opportunities. Our transaction management services allows your team to continue to oversee the daily operations of your company as we navigate you through the financing process.

We save our Clients a substantial amount of time, money, and frustration when seeking financial solutions such as;

✓ High Ratio Senior Debt
✓ Subordinated Debt
✓ Convertible Debt
✓ Royalty Financing
✓ Bridge Loans