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PHOENIX CORPORATE FINANCE INC. is a full service corporate finance firm. We specialize in providing secondary and alternative financing options to small and medium sized Canadian corporations. We are independently owned, which allows us to freely seek financing alternatives at the most competitive rates. Our team provides the highest level of financial expertise, structuring abilities and transaction management skills.

Our company was created by experienced corporate finance and investment banking professionals who understand the inherent challenges in structuring and completing transactions for small and medium sized companies. Our objective is to successfully ensure that your total corporate and transactional financing requirements are met at the lowest cost possible.

Examples of previous engagements include a corporation undertaking a highly leveraged acquisition with immediate cost and operating/marketing synergies, or a company who was experiencing difficulties in accessing additional institutional capital due to pre-set credit limits and credit criteria at their current bank.

Generally, smaller corporations and emerging growth companies cannot satisfy all of their financing needs from conventional institutional lenders such as banks, credit unions, and mutual funds. Many under-capitalized corporations are experiencing financial crisis and are unable to maintain debt service agreements, are out of covenant with their lender, and as a result, have been forced to pay down or pay out all of their existing institutional debt.

Phoenix Corporate Finance Inc. provides advisory and facilitation services to companies in all business stages from financially challenged to progressive growth companies across all industry sectors. We recognize the unique challenges smaller corporations experience and provide expert guidance and concrete solutions to corporations needing assistance in;

➢ Securing additional financing
➢ Refinancing/Consolidating existing debt
➢ Merger & Acquisition financing
➢ Financing for Restructuring Proposals to Lenders and Creditors
➢ Management Buyouts
➢ Shareholder Buyouts (Shotgun Clauses)
➢ Succession Plans - Transferring the business from one generation to the next
➢ Acquisitions or Growth - Acquiring another business or adding additional capacity
➢ Recapitalization - Shareholder or entrepreneur wishing to take money out of the business to reduce risk or diversify assets
➢ Replacement of Debt - Refinance with equity or other types of debt because of a breach of covenants
➢ Going Private Transactions - A public company structure may no longer be appropriate for the stakeholder, who wishes to take it private

We 'partner' with management teams of companies who are focused on improving their financial positions or seeking growth opportunities. Our transaction management services allows your management team to continue to oversee the daily operations of your company as we successfully navigate you through the financing process.

Our Company

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